“This is the RuleSteady, the key to completely stopping your ruler from slipping, and to keep your fingers safely away from the rotary cutter blade.  All you have to do is rest it on top of your ruler, half on the mat, and half on the ruler.  Apply a little bit of pressure, leaning over it with your body weight, and make your cut.  The ruler will not slip, and you can use it on all your different size rulers – four and a half inch, six inch and the twelve inch, all the way up to the twenty four inch.  The reason it works is because one side is slightly higher than the other, to compensate for the height of the ruler.  The grips are rubber, so they will not damage your mat like sandpaper would, or damage your ruler or fabric.  You can use it to trim your quilt, even to cut your batting.  The RuleSteady is a valuable tool.”

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